The Human Venture Capital or HVC

April 16, 2016

Don’t hire the most qualified, hire the craziest

Source: Jack Ma, Alibaba CEO

Money is changing into a very accessible commodity.

Engineers and other human ressources might not show up in the balance sheet as tangible assets, but they constitute capital of gigantic value because from ideas, creativity and minute work, is generated innovation that converts then into positive cash flow.

Smart CEOs and companies understand that and will ask to recruit for genuises, people that solve problem and create the next big thing and assets of tremendous value.

How do we do that at Descartes Search LLC?

We partner with our clients, as if we were a VC, but instead of money we provide Human Capital for their entrepreneurial ventures or projects:

  • we have a very close relationship with our clients, so that we shall consult as HR in interim and PR in interim for them.

  • we choose our clients: we are with them for the long run and we invest our human capital into it.

  • we entertain a relationship of great mutual respect.

Because the client has an exciting future and plans that are promotable, we are excited to co-create their reality as a business and lend our recruiting service in interim.

We can then weigh on their HR policy, without sitting on the board, communicating freely and in real-time with CxO level executives or hiring managers and then the magic happens:

We are able to bring client Human Capital of tremendous value.

Contact Descartes Search here if you are interested in our HVC.