Promoting and Advertising the Future

April 20, 2016

As Human Capital providers (aka human venture capitalist) at Descartes Search LLC, we are laser-focused on future technologies. We are actively looking for early stage companies especially in the following sectors:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Robotics

  • Blockchain

  • Hardware

  • Computer Science

  • Virtual Reality

We recruit and provide our precious human assets for companies that can and will impact the world.

Great engineers (assets) will work exclusively for companies that have an exciting future and that is what we promote in interim, towards our human capital that we can now attract, capture and retain.

There’s a huge difference between to attract someone and to retain him – the strength, the power and the truth of the advertising message and that depends on whether or not the client company has an amazing future or not.

Because we are very oriented towards new companies that are starting up products for gigantic mass-market appeal, we are the perfect partner for Venture Capital firms.

Contact Descartes Search LLC here or Satoshiscollar here if you are interested in our Human Capital.