The Human Capital Venture Partner For Blockchain Emerging Startups

April 19, 2017

Julien Hamonic
I am hyper-focused on building teams based in the blockchain space.
I am the most connected person to bitcoin and blockchain talent on LinkedIn.

The companies that rely on Julien Hamonic are defined as per the following

  • blockchain-based DACs
  • blockchain startups

I know hiring is hard. I’ll make it much easier for you.
The best companies are driven by rock-solid teams.
I invest in my partners by obtaining equity in exchange for service (continual search) rendered.
For every search I conduct a thorough analysis of an industry, and systematically identify every qualified candidate in the marketplace. This process of sourcing generates a concentrated list of candidates without regard to their interest in a career change.
I will work with you tirelessly to help construct your ultimate dream-team.
From engineers to co-founders up to advisors and CxO, and from writing job descriptions to closing a hire, I’ve got your talent requirements covered. It’s all part of the deal.
Typically, I am your VP of talent sitting on your board of directors in your company to start the team that will build or consolidate a prototype,a product to attract investors or users.
I can find engineers, hackers, investors, potentially anybody.

Blockchain Talent Bank:
More than 2,000 individuals worldwide (Linkedin connections)
Thousands of entries in private db (coming from proprietary Satoshiscollar and Descartes Search)

I work with ventures and other angels.

It depends on the size and the round of your organization.

  1. Partnership plan
    Request for services rendered -> founders crypto tokens:
    • pre-ICO: 5-20% of the crypto tokens
    • post ICO: 1-5% of the crypto tokens
      Vesting period: variable

  2. Consulting plan
    Request for services rendered -> crypto tokens
    25~50% of the total compensation of the person placed