Money Energetics for Businessmen

October 21, 2016

The secret to success and wealth is to follow one’s dream and to execute it.
To do that we must be receptive to our vision while discarding any negative thought and not feel ashamed or guilty.

We surely possess free will along the way, which is the liberty to receive a certain thought form from the ether, to tune in to a certain thought vibration or wave at a certain moment.

The brain is a transceiver for waves, positive and negative (emotions and thought forms).
You have the choice to pick up the ones that are positively polarized and generate in effect positive thought forms only, and thus attract and accumulate wealth.

More concretely, the pineal gland and other receptors allow us to pick up waves that vibrate at a much higher rate than the range sensed by our material physical 5 senses, and this is what you want to observe.

While doing business, what are the advantages of telling what you observe (1) vs observing what you are told (2)?
You are in control and put yourself in the timeline of your choice (1)
You are under control and put yourself in the timeline of their choice (2)

Money is to be made in the former case since you are rewarded within a process (convenants)that you control.
In the latter case: you might be stolen, taken advantage of or lied to in a false hope selling scheme.