Company, Blk.

June 3, 2016

Incorporations are a structure and organization scheme by which groups of investors co-finance a project and garner potentially profits and dividends. This has been running hundreds of years, tethering the pyramidal structure of the royalties and has had to comply with the physical laws of the Real world. Though this has sparked several industrial revolutions, brought some great innovations to Humanity, it has had also many drawbacks like:

  • over-exploited workers

  • very high rate of funding waste because of the high rate of failure due to the centralization of decision-making

  • low level of financial freedom for most of the employees.

    However, now for the time in Humanity history, a new type of business organization is being born and applied: The blockchained company (Blk.)
    Successful applications are through the Peershares template.
    So far, there are 2 Blk. that exist: Nu and B&C exchange.

Some characteristics of the Blk. :

  • There are 2 types of members: shareholders and custodians, both of which anybody can be.

  • The cost of creating a Blk. is extremely low, virtually free.

  • The robustness, chance of success and reliability of a Blk. depends on the distribution of shares over nodes. The more it is distributed, the better it is.

  • Creating a Blk. (accessed over the blockchain protocol) feeds the Internet of Value. This is analogical to creating a webpage (accessed over TCP/IP) which feeds the Internet of Communication.

  • Hundreds of thousands of Blk. will be created by 2021, with thousands of shareholders in average each. This will spark the biggest industrial revolution that Humanity has ever known, through a new space which is not physical and over which blockchained companies will have much freedom to create their own laws.