A New Thought Form: from the Pyramid to the Blockchain

April 15, 2016

The Universe is both fractal (the same pattern of wholeness is found at every scale) and holographic (the wholeness is present everywhere and within every entity), as well as synergetic (the whole is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the parts).

Source: http://www.cosmometry.net/fractal-holographic-synergetic-universe

The world has been run for close to 13,000 years on the pyramidal structure – Pyramids are everywhere on the globe, repeated fractally, distributed holographically and have worked synergetically.

A new thought form to structure organizations is emerging: the Blockchain.

Take a look at Nu, the DAO that is issuing the dollar pegged US-NBT.

NuShareholders mirror holographically the whole blockchain, this pattern of blockchain being found again in another scale of itself, B&C exchange. Though its parts are not related by any hierarchical relationship, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and produce a meaningly business value.

May the Blockchain be spread fractally, holographically and synergetically!

Holographic fractal